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4GIVE is a 4-song EP available only on vinyl that speaks of HHD's personal journey with forgiveness. Pre-orders for the limited edition vinyl release will be available soon. Merkabah is a 7-song dance album to activate the dormant dance energy within our bodies. Each track was produced, mixed, and mastered by HHD. Both of these projects are scheduled to release in April 2024. 

"Grounding" Live Performance Video

The first track of my project 4GIVE is "Grounding." It speaks to the undeniable faith that there are better days to come when we activate forgiveness in our collective currency.

The State of The Creator

HHD's Debut Album, 2020

The State of the Creator is an 11-song musical journey of the state of the Black Woman in America. Going from gospel to poetry to hip hop, this project was created for me to process my grief after losing my daughter in 2020. This project is available on all streaming platforms.


Blessings Live with Xavier Molina

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