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HHD is a mother, emcee, poet, doula, healer, sound scientist, intuitive movement facilitator, educator, gardener, visionary, herbalist, and plant-based chef. Through her artistic expressions, she processes her story trusting it will help activate the healing journey of those around her. She is from New Orleans, LA and a proud graduate of Howard University's School of Communications. Her mission is to heal the world. Cliche?Watch her work.


Artist Statement

As an artist, my music is not popular. I do not create for entertainment. I create to process my story which in turn helps others to activate their own narratives. My most recent project is centered around forgiveness, 4GIVE, and instead of putting it on streaming platforms, I am releasing exclusively on vinyl because I want my audience to slow down and listen to the message. Forgiveness is the currency we must activate to truly heal our relationship with ourselves and by extension the planet. My intention around the consumption of my content informs how I experiment with new ideas and ultimately push the boundaries. Every project I work on has an innovation quality that is unique to the project. My work is intrinsically community-based because I am a firm believer in the power of the people and our ability to imagine solutions and act on them.


To align the eye with the I, which simply means align what we see, feel, taste, hear, and touch with how we see ourselves/ our cells as we collectively work to heal the sensory nature of the planet.

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